2021 GASU me Blog Meet summer school teachers Urban Sketching

How to turn the sketch into a 3-D model: the results of the SPbGASU international online summer school on Urban Sketching

SPbGASU organized the International Summer School “Urban Planning: Architectural Design from Sketch to 3–D Model” on July 10-24, 2021.

Joint picture of the summer school participants

✔ The summer school participants enjoyed a very rich education program: they learnt about the unique architectural heritage of the Northern Capital of Russia of different periods and styles (from Classicism to Constructivism, Modern and Contemporary Architecture), listened to the lectures by Russian and foreign experts and developed their individual renovation design projects for St Peterbsurg public spaces.

Summer school manager Olga Pastukh

During the first week our students worked under guidance of Olga Pastukh, Associate Professor of Department of Architectural and Engineering Constructions and summer school manager, and Yury Oblasov, Senior Lecturer of Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage. Professor of Urban Planning Department Andrey Vaytens presented lectures on Urban Planning History of St Petersburg, specific features of the industrial heritage of the so-called city “grey belt” and shared the positive and negative experience of the implemented projects on the examples of the factory territories “Red Triangle” and “Obvodny Yard”.

2021 GASU me Blog Urban Sketching

The last but not the least: the final presentations of the students‘ projects

Yesterday was the final day of our summer school “Urban Planning: Architectural Design from Sketch to 3-D Model». We are delighted to share with you the students’ final presentations with the summer school sketches portfolio and design projects on renovation of the public spaces.

2021 GASU me Blog Meet summer school teachers Urban Sketching

A very inspiring lecture by Timothy Gray, Professor of Architecture at Ball State University (USA), in the scope of our Urban Sketching summer school

Prof. Timothy Gray

Timothy Gray is an architect, educator and environmental advocate with extensive expertise in sustainable design.

In addition to his teaching Timothy has an active practice, Gray Architecture, which was established in 1995 and has completed a broad range projects both in Indianapolis and beyond, including the recently renovated Hotel Broad Ripple.

Prof. Gray not only presented the sketching works in different styles and techniques by his students during the lecture, but also raised a very interesting topic of transformation of the digital age. When conventional handmade sketches compete with the new digital formats.

2021 GASU me Blog Meet summer school teachers Urban Sketching

Urban Sketching online: the latest news from our summer school creative workshops

The SPbGASU online summer school «Urban Planning: Architectural design from sketch to 3-D model» has started last Saturday and our students are enjoying a very interesting program.

During the first week our students studied the History of Architecture of St Petersburg, Urban Planning and Bases of Art Sketching, Composition and Coloristic in the course of lectures and creative workshops by our professors Andrey Vaytens, Olga Pastukh and Yury Oblasov.

2021 GASU me Blog Meet summer school teachers Urban Sketching Video

Urban Sketching summer school: Tomorrow is the last day when we receive your registrations!

Tomorrow is the last day when we receive your registrations! 

Meanwhile, our Urban Sketching summer school team has prepared the virtual tour for its students: explore St Petersburg, its magnificent architecture and find aspiration for your creative sketching ideas.

Not only you will study the architectural heritage, but also the modern issues St Petersburg is facing trying to reserve its former industrial objects and give them new life. Our students will create their architectural projects under our professors’ guidance and the best of them will be implemented as 3-D models at our laboratory.

Sounds like a perfect plan!
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