And bridges spanned the waters’ width…

In 2023 we are planning to offer you a new summer school program «Bridge Structures: Historical Overview, Reliability & Design«. A new course will enhance your skills in bridge design and determination of structures reliability.

You will know about the modern methods of structural health diagnostics and structures testing to condition assessment, as well as using BIM technologies for roads and bridges. Our Russian and Portuguese supervisors have prepared for you an extensive curriculum with many lectures, workshops and on-site study tours.

We offer not only a very fruitful study program, but also an opportunity to visit a magnificent city on the banks of the Neva River just in the period of the White Nights!

Welcome our summer school team

Our summer school is organized by Department of Roads, Bridges and Tunnels of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) in cooperation with UMinho Engineering School (Portugal). Our expert team is glad to present you a 2-week program focusing on a comprehensive solutions for bridge design and assessment.

Our study program

The summer school program is focused on practice while giving you all the necessary theoretical knowledge. The professors and experts from SPbGASU and UMinho will demonstrate you the current state of the field and offer you the design workshops on solving applied engineering problems (Russian and European standards, bridge condition assessment, InfraBIM, etc.).

Our team will organize on-site lectures with visiting both historical and modern engineering masterpieces of our city. What do you think about climbing inside the structures of the famous St Petersburg landmark — the Palace Bridge?

The list of software to be used in our summer school:

  • SOFiSTiK FEA / Midas Civil
  • Autodesk InfraWorks
  • Autodesk Civil3D
  • Autodesk Revit

Welcome our partners from UMinho

You will not only get high practical knowledge from SPbGASU tutors, but will also enjoy online lectures by professors from UMinho. Check the topics and a short description of the content.

  • Life cycle sustainability assessment of Bridges by Elisabete Teixeira and Hélder Sousa
  • Quality control of Bridges by José Matos and Hélder Sousa
  • Bridge reliability analysis according to design codes by José Matos
  • Bridge information modelling (OpenBIM standards) by Mário Coelho
  • A soft computing approach for slopes stability assessment of railway infrastructures by Joaquim Tinoco

Why participate

  • Get to know St Petersburg rich historical engineering heritage and explore the city unique modern bridges
  • Expand your engineering horizons by being acquainted with the practice of bridge design according to the Russian codes
  • Explore how to use modern structures reliability models
  • Take part in the development of bridge diagnostic program and prepare test equipment to assess the structure condition
  • Improve your skills in InfraBIM
  • Discover the rich cultural heritage and feel the atmosphere of St Petersburg

Our target audience

  • Students of Road and Bridge Engineering or the related fields of Civil Engineering with good English skills

Summer schools results

The summer school program includes 72 academic hours of theory and practice. Upon successful completing the program students receive a Certificate for 4 ECTS.

Deadlines for registration

Coming in autumn 2022

Summer School Manager


Dmitry Yaroshutin, Senior Lecturer



Join us in summer 2023! You can register via Google form, online on the website or fill in the form and send it to the summer school manager

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