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The university operates in a special mode

The university operates in a special mode in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. In accordance with regulatory enactments, the educational process shall be implemented remotely; the vast majority of employees handle their duties remotely, and only those who are needed to ensure the functioning of particular processes are at work.

We hope for an early change in the situation in the country and in the world. We wish you all good health!

Contact us:
Head of the Department of International Cooperation Svetlana Petrova; intern.depart@spbgasu.ru
Head of the Department for Work with International Students Yulia Ivanova; spbgasu.edu@gmail.com

2020 GASU me Blog

Coronavirus – update for prospective summer school participants

Message from Professor Irina Lugovskaia, Vice Rector for External Relations

Dear summer school participants,

First of all, we hope all of you are doing well! The current situation with coronavirus pandemic means great challenges to all of us and our university does its best to avoid any negative consequences on students’ study results.

It is high time all of you are planning your summer semester and we are glad to receive many applications for our summer programs. As much as all our team is eager to welcome you in Saint Petersburg and our university we have to advice you not to do any bookings and buy tickets. In these uncertain times we need to wait how the situation evolves.

All our summer courses are planned for July and August 2020 which means if the situation doesn’t change 2 months prior the start of the program, we will have to cancel the courses and notify you on reschedule.

Please follow the information on our website (https://summerschools.spbgasu.ru/) to find out about the latest developments. We will also keep you informed by e-mail.
Should you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail (intern.depart@spbgasu.ru), forms on the website or WhatsApp messages.

Meanwhile, please take care and be safe,

Kind regards,
Irina Lugovskaia
Vice Rector for External Relations

2020 GASU me Blog

Our Students and Our Graduates’ Projects

Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is the oldest Russian institution of higher technical education training architects and civil engineers. Its history has started in 1832 and is inextricably connected with the history of architecture and urban development of our country and St. Petersburg in particular.

2020 GASU me Blog

All Summer Schools 2020 programs are available for downloading!

Dear students,

All summer schools programs are now available for download

Photo @spbgasu_priemnaia

Learn more about classes and programmes that you can study this summer; and final projects that can benefit your main studies, CV and further career prospects.

Boost your knowledge and professional skills while studying at SPbGASU Summer Schools!

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Our Amazing International Students Share Very Important Thoughts

In this video, our amazing international students share very important thoughts. What happened to be the most complicated thing when they came here? What stereotypes about Russians did they have? Watch the video! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it!

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Usefull Details about Russian Language Courses

The Russian language summer school is supervised by Natalia Tishchenko, a PhD. We asked the associate professor to tell us about the study process and share a few photos. She explained why Saint Petersburg is suitable for studying Russian and what opportunities it offers to students.

Nataliya Tishchenko, PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor of the Department of the Russian Language SPbGASU
«The most interesting thing about teaching is that unexpected topics appear in each lesson. As we study grammar, we discuss a variety of aspects that are often defined by students themselves. Students want to discuss relationships, cooking, architecture, music, pets – and, of course, the weather.
The weather deserves special mention. Our city is located on the coast of the sea; numerous rivers and channels divide it into islands. The air is light and fresh, but rain is an essential part of life.
When going outside locals take an umbrella, glasses and warm clothes, just in case. When preparing students for an excursion, teachers give not only new words, but also useful tips that allow you to travel comfortably.

During the course we travel almost every day, exploring the avenues and embankments of Saint Petersburg, visiting museums and palaces. And, of course, going to the suburbs that Saint Petersburg is so famous for! After that we get acquainted with the cuisine of different countries (in 2019, the city became the culinary capital of Russia)!

You asked me to show you a photo, and I brought pictures from our fall and winter courses.

I think Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where it is interesting, exciting and safe to live. You should experience our amazing summer yourself. Our magnificent city and wonderful university are waiting for you!»

Details about Summer Russian Language Courses 2020

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About Study Abroad in Russia

«Hello, I am Navindu from Sri Lanka, I am a student of SPbGASU. I came to Russia thanks to the government scholarship program. I selected Gasu after researching about best architecture universities in Russia. It’s my story».
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About Studying at SPbGASU

Maya from Lebanese Republic. She studied Russian in St. Petersburg for a year.
2020 GASU me Blog Video

About Studying at Saint Petersburg

Students from different countries study at our university.
We continue to introduce them to you. Meet Sabrina from Tajikistan. This girl is studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. She likes to do sport and learn English and German. Watch video about Sabrinal!